Revez Q12 Software & Channel Updates

The Revez Q12 Combo TV box receiver allows you to receive free to air Saorview, UK and European satellite channels. Losing your TV channels can be troublesome at the best of times so we know how it feels. Here at Veusat we can provide software and a regular channel update facility for your Revez Q12 TV box.

Our customised software can be easily installed onto your existing Revez Q12 satellite receiver TV box. Installation of our Veusat software only takes a few moments. Once the software is installed we can then set up your channel update facility.

With our Channel Update Package, each time channel frequencies change or new TV stations are added, you will be able to download an updated channel list. No need for re-scanning or looking for channel frequencies. With just a few clicks, all your free to air channels are updated in an instant. No more worries about losing you’re free satellite tv channels again.

So if you own a Revez Q12 TV box, contact us today for an update.

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Prices for Software & Channel Update Facility:

Veusat Software Installation including 1 yr free Channel Update Package : €60

Channel Update Package after 1 yr is charged at €21 per year

revez q12 software updates