What Free TV Channels Can I Get In Ireland?

Free TV Channels are available to you in Ireland through a variety of systems. The most common ones are Saorview and Free To Air. All channels on the  Free To Air come from the Astra 1 and Astra2 satellite's. You will need a satellite receiver such as Veusat's TV box to receive them. Additional free satellite TV channels in Ireland may be available to you depending on your satellite setup.


Saorview is Digital Terrstrial TV, basically meaning the TV signal is broadcast digitally via transmitters located around Ireland. You can receive these channels via a Saorview TV box or a Saorview enabled TV. However the number of channels is limited to 11 TV Channels and 9 Radio Channels.

Saorview TV Channels:

  • RTE1
  • RTE1 +1
  • RTE2
  • RTE2 +1
  • Virgin Media One
  • Virgin Media Two
  • Virgin Media Three
  • TG4
  • RTE Jnr.
  • RTE News Now
  • Oireachtas TV

Saorview Radio Channels:

  • RTE Radio 1
  • RTE Radio 1 Extra
  • RTE 2 FM
  • RTE Gold
  • RTE 2XM
  • RTE Pulse
  • RTE Jnr. Radio
  • Radio Maria
  • RTE Radio Na Gaeltachta
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Free To Air TV Channels In Ireland

In order to receive Free To Air Channels In Ireland you will need a satellite receiver or combo receiver TV box, a satellite dish and a TV aerial depending on the channels you want to watch. Currently there are over 200 free TV Channels available to you in Ireland on the Free To Air system. These Channels include all Irish TV Channels, All UK Channels and European Channels as well as Radio Channels across the UK and Europe. However with standard Free To Air TV receivers when TV channels change frequencies the box does not update automatically. You would need to re-scan the channels and re-organise them each time which can be time consuming.

With a Veusat TV Combo Box there is no need to re-scan or re-organise anything. With the click of a button on your TV remote all channels are updated and re-organise automatically via our service. The best thing about our service is the extremely low cost at €25 PER YEAR. This allows you peace of mind that you will never lose your channels and that new channels that become free in the future will automatically be available to you. Our aim is to make TV viewing as easy as possible. Below is a list of channels available on our FREE To Air service. To view TV shows that are available on Free To Air Channels check our our TV Shows page and our Sports and Movies TV Guide.

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