Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free To Air TV in Ireland?

Free to Air TV in Ireland is simply TV Channels that you can view for free using a satellite TV receiver box. Satellite TV in Ireland is fast becoming more popular and the fact that its FREE TV is the added bonus. The most common method of receiving free to air satellite channels in Ireland is by using a satellite TV box such as our Veusat box connected to a satellite dish. The dish is aligned, usually to the Astra satellite at 28.2 degrees East. On the Astra satellite there are hundreds of channels to choose from which can be receieved using your TV box. If you require additional channels, more are available via Astra 19.2 degrees East such as Sport 1, Sky Sports News, Nick Jnr as well as many other European channels. A dual arm LNB would be required to avail of both sets of channels. For a full listing see our available TV Channels listing.

What Channels are available using the Veusat TV Box?

There are over 200+ free to air channels available through your Veusat TV box. This can be increased with a Dual LNB kit which is also available at an extra charge should you require additional channels. For a full listing of free to air channels, please see our Available Channels page.

 I have a Satellite Tuner on my new Smart TV, whats the difference?

New Smart TV's now come with a Satellite Tuner. This enables you to plug your satellite feed directly into your TV set. However the tuning process can be daunting and unorganised. For instance, the satellite tuning on Smart TV's can take a long time to scan and list your available channels. The other issue is that channels will not be organised in sequence (such as having BBC1 on Channel 22 and BBC2 on Channel 107 ) and this will have to be done manually which can take several hours. Once done if a channel frequency changes, you will need to re-scan for the channels again and reorganise the channels again from the start. This is a time consuming process to say the least. With a Veusat TV box all these issues are removed as we provide up to date satellite TV Channel lists which can be downloaded in seconds. Our Channel lists are already organised into categories so they are simply to it's viewing made easy.

Do I need an Aerial or Satellite Dish?

Yes, Ideally it is best to have both an aerial and satellite dish. This is to ensure you get the required amount of free-to-air channels that are available. Your installation engineer can advise you on what's best for you, based on your viewing preference.

What if I don't have an aerial or satellite dish?

No problem, we can install one, or both for you at an additional charge.

What if I lose my free to air channels?

Free to air channels do tend to change frequencies from time to time, throughout the year. However this is not an issue with Veusat, as we provide a channel update facility should this happen. Channel Update Packages are available at a small additional charge, which works out at around €0.40c a week.

What is a Dual LNB Kit?

A Dual LNB kit allows your Veusat box to receive additional channels by pulling channels from more than one satellite. This ensures you get the maximum amount of channels available to you.

Are these channels legal to view?

Yes, all channels provided with the installation of your Veusat Combo box are free to air channels and are free to view.

Can I record TV programs on my Veusat TV box?

No, The Veusat Combo box does not provide a recording facility.