Veusat - Free To Air TV Channels

Veusat is a service that provides you with over 130 + Free To Air TV channels that are available in the UK and Ireland for €25 PER YEAR.
All the Channels are FREE TO AIR and fully legal. All channels are received through your satellite dish and TV aerial.
Our Veusat TV box comes with regular channel updates.

  • €25 PER YEAR
  • Over 130 Free to Air TV Channels
  • Over 60 Radio Channels
  • Full EPG (electronic program guide)
  • Update channels with a push of one button
  • IRISH Channels
    (RTE aerial required)
  • UK & European Channels
    (Satelite dish required)

Why €25 PER YEAR?

The €25 PER YEAR charge is to cover our Channel Update facility. Free-To-Air channels change the frequency from time to time, however, Veusat's software allows you to download the latest channels in an instant. As channels change the frequency or new channels become available, Veusat will provide you with a notice to update your channels. This is done easily by pressing one button on your remote control.

What Channels Will I Receive?

Over 130 channels are available. Irish, UK, and European channels, covering every type of genre. These include Entertainment, Movies, Music, Children's, News and Sport.

Specialist channels in a wide variety of European languages are also available. A complete list of channels is available here.

Some European channels also show Top-flight football matches. FREE-TO-AIR. Contact us for more details.

(Sky Channels such as Sports, Movies, Discovery, National Geographic are not available)

Why Use Veusat?

A lot of people have subscription channels such as Sky, Eir, Virgin Media, etc. What people sometimes don't realize is that most of the channels they provide are already free. So why pay for them?

You can also keep your existing Sky, Eir, or Virgin Media subscription and add Veusat in other rooms within your home for the kids or yourself, etc. The great thing is that you can add it to every room in your home (box required for each tv) and the cost is still only €25 PER YEAR which covers your whole house.

That's a deal that's hard to beat !!!!

VEUSAT Channels list