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Home Installations

We provide a fully customised professional installation service which includes a site survey to determine your viewing needs. This includes the installation of an aerial, satellite dish and set-top box. Multi-room installation problem.

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Commercial Installations

Do you need a professional commercial installation? We've got you covered and just think about the savings. Professional installation with huge savings. Lots of free tv channels and no more monthly TV bills to worry about......ever again.

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Channel Updates

Veusat provide an easy to use channel update facility with our set-top box. No more scanning of satellite's or configuring channels every few weeks. With just a few clicks, all your channels are updated automatically. It's really that simple.

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All these TV Channels and many, many more....

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Check out our TV Channels page for a full listing....

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Free to Air TV Channels From Veusat

Why pay costly monthly TV bills?

We provide regular channel updates so that you never lose your free to air TV channels again. All free satellite TV channels available in Ireland in one box. Of course, the best part of having a Veusat TV box is the monthly savings. Our channel update facility provides you with the comfort of never having re-scan for satellites every time you lose a channel due to frequency changes. Two clicks and all your channels are updated automatically within seconds.

With growing costs associated with TV packages, most people are looking for a low cost alternative. That's were we come in. Veusat provide free satellite TV in Ireland using our customised TV box and channel update facility. Once you have a Veusat TV box installed, your worries are over.

Free to Air TV has never been better or easier. Our professional installers will assess your needs and provide you with the best TV solution for your home or business, after that its time to sit back and enjoy over 200 channels.

Veusat - Viewing Made Easy

Why Veusat?

  • Over 200 Free to Air TV channels to choose from
  • No monthly TV bills
  • Irish, UK & European channels available
  • Includes Sports, Kids, Music & Movie channels
  • Online support and documentation
  • Easy channel update facility
  • Affordable & reliable

Did You Know?

Veusat offer a wide variety of European Channels which can be accessed via our set-top box and satellite installation. Channels from countries such as Poland, Germany, France and Italy. It's easy to include these channels in your installation package by contacting us. Our installation engineer can configure your satellite installation to your specific country requirements. Channels available for these countries include general channels as well as entertainment, kids, news and sports. And best of all this is on top of all the Irish and UK free-to-air channels......

German Channels

  • Sky Sports News HD
  • ARTE
  • ZDF HD
  • RTL
  • Sport 1
  • Family TV
  • Zee One
  • 3 Sat HD

Polish Channels

  • TVS
  • TVP Polonia
  • EskaRock TV
  • Tele 5
  • NTL
  • 4Fun TV
  • Power TV
  • Nuta TV

French Channels

  • Euronews France
  • TV5 Monde Europe
  • Mont Blanc Live
  • France 24
  • Arte HD
  • BFM TV
  • CNews HD
  • Canal +

Italian Channels

  • RAI News 24
  • Lazio Channel
  • Rolando Sat
  • TRM Network
  • Rai Gulp
  • Radio Italia TV
  • Rai Scaola
  • TG Norba


All pricing for installation of our new Veusat Combo TV box. View our special offer for a full installation which includes a satellite dish, TV aerial and Dual LNB kit. With our new Veusat TV Box you'll receive over 200 Free To Air Channels......and the best part is your channels will always remain updated with our Channel Update facility which costs €21 per year. That's a huge savings on your regular TV bills.

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Standard Installation €125.00


  • Veusat TV Box
  • Remote Control
  • 1 yr of free channel update

Standard & Dish Installation €200.00


  • Veusat TV Box
  • Remote Control
  • Satellite Dish
  • Dual LNB Kit
  • 1 yr of free channel updates

Special Offer €250.00


  • Veusat TV Box
  • Remote Control
  • TV Aerial
  • Satellite Dish
  • Dual LNB Kit
  • 1 yr of free channel updates

Standard Extras

Not included with Standard Installation

  • TV Aerial  €50.00
  • Satellite Dish  €75.00
  • Dual LNB Kit  €50.00

“Great value for money and no more TV bills to worry about”

Frank - Longford

“Delighted with the FREESPORTS channel for European soccer and Rugby League”

Mark - Athlone

“Brilliant to see Nickelodeon is available on this, the kids love it”

Marie - Dublin

“Super product and loads of channels for FREE, well worth it”

Mike - Galway

“Great service and very professional installation, thanks folks”

Adrienne - Dublin

Veusat Selecting Channels

How to navigate and access TV channels on your veusat box.

Veusat Updating Channels

How to update the TV Channels on your Veusat TV box.

YouTube on Veusat

How to access and use YouTube on Veusat

Veusat Connect To Wifi

How to connect your Veusat TV box to your Wifi or mobile hotspot.
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