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List of Free to Air TV Channels

View a complete listing of all available Free To Air TV channels with our Veusat Combo box. With over 120 + channels available.


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Free to Air TV Channels From Veusat

Why pay costly monthly TV bills? With growing costs associated with TV packages, most people are looking for a low cost alternative. That's were we come in. Veusat provide free satellite TV in ireland using our customised TV box and channel update facility. Once you have a Veusat TV box installed, your worries are over. Free to Air TV has never been better.

We provide regular channel updates so that you never lose your free to air tv channels again. All free satellite TV channels available in ireland in one box. Of course, the best part of having a Veusat free to air TV box is the monthly savings. Our professional installers will assess your needs and provide you with the best TV solution for your home or business, after that its time to sit back and enjoy over 120 + channels at your fingertips.

Veusat - Viewing Made Easy

Why Veusat?

  • Over 120 + Free to Air TV channels to choose from
  • No monthly TV bills
  • Irish, UK & European channels available
  • Professional installation
  • Includes Sports, Kids, Music & Movie channels
  • Online support and documentation
  • Easy channel update facility
  • Affordable & reliable

Veusat TV boxes provide over 120 Free Satellite TV ireland channels to choose from

TV Highlights This Week

ITV 4Movie: Green StreetTue 14 Nov23:15
RTE 2Sport: Ireland v DenmarkTue 14 Nov19:00
3eMovie: Lock UpWed 15 Nov22:00
3eMovie: The Longest YardThur 16 Nov21:00
TV3Movie: Robin HoodFri 17 Nov21:00

For more viewing information, see the Freesat Free to Air TV Guide


“Great value for money and no more TV bills to worry about”

Frank - Longford

“Delighted with the FREESPORTS channel for European soccer and Rugby League”

Mark - Athlone

“Brilliant to see Nickelodeon is available on this, the kids love it”

Marie - Dublin

“Super product and loads of channels for FREE, well worth it”

Mike - Galway

“Great service and very professional installation, thanks folks”

Adrienne - Dublin
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